Housing Needs Assessment | Valley Wide

VHF is committed to having reliable data to assist in decision-making. Our organization paid for the 2021 North Valley Affordable Rental Market Review, the original 2016 Housing Needs Assessment and the 2021 Gunnison Valley Housing Market Update. These documents provide important data for both our organization and housing leaders at the Town, City, and County level to make informed decisions about current and future affordable housing.

Whetstone | Town of Crested Butte

The Whetstone Community Housing Project is located 3 miles south of the Town of Crested Butte, and will eventually bring over 200 new townhomes, single family homes, apartments and duplexes to the area. With 80% of the homes reserved for households with local workers, the Whetstone Project is poised to significantly improve housing availability. The project is intended to be a diverse mix of community housing and a vibrant neighborhood with access to parks, public lands and public transportation. The County has approved the “sketch plan” and is currently choosing a developer. After a developer is chosen they will continue through the “preliminary plan” phase which can take up to five months. If approved, construction is likely to begin in 2024. VHF has been active throughout the public process for this project including providing support for the extension of utilities from the town of Crested Butte and providing feedback on the developer selection process. The Whetstone Community Housing site will provide timely updates on the project as it progresses.

Sawtooth | Gunnison County project within City of Gunnison

 VHF supports Gunnison County’s new affordable rental housing development in the City of Gunnison. Placing housing within city limits reduces costs and challenges by providing an opportunity to connect to central infrastructure and city services. It also offers homes close to public transportation, schools, and grocery stores. Phase one will provide 18 new units by the end of Summer 2023, with phase two expected to bring an additional 30 new houses in 2024. Phase one will be available for those within the 80% AMI range, which for a two person household represents an annual income of about $56,000. Phase two will have a higher AMI threshold of between 80-130% AMI. The AMI limits proposed for this site align with City, County, and community developed goals to increase affordable housing in the Gunnison Valley. Photo credit: Gunnison Country Times 

GV Heat | Valley Wide Project Support

The Valley Housing Fund has awarded the Gunnison Valley Home Energy Advancement Team (GV-HEAT) a total of $40,000 in grant funds to support initiatives to bring energy efficiency and affordability to households where a disproportionate amount of monthly costs go to heat. GV-HEAT works to lower heating costs, improve heat retention, and reduce demand on local energy systems in low and middle-income housing throughout the Gunnison Valley.

Country Meadows | Gunnison County

Organización de Nuevas Esperanzas (ONE), is a nonprofit formed to support residents of the Country Meadows mobile home park and their ongoing legal clash over the fate of their community. They have filed an injunction against Ski Town Village, LLC, the new owner of the park who raised lot rents 70% while ignoring health and safety concerns throughout the park. VHF has contributed to ONE’s bond and legal expenses involved in this injunction, and has assisted with fundraising efforts on their behalf. For more information on County Meadows, click here.

Gunnison Rising | City of Gunnison

VHF has participated in the Gunnison Rising Planned Unit Development (PUD) process to advocate for affordable housing. The current plan is laid out as a walkable, trails-oriented neighborhood containing 200 affordable units in the 1700-unit development, plus flexible mixed-use zoning for up to an additional 25% of total units to be designated affordable.