Energy Efficiency

Habitat for Humanity of the Gunnison Valley

Habitat for Humanity’s mission aligns closely with our own. HFHGV is dedicated to reducing both the carbon footprint of construction and the financial burden of high utility bills on fixed-income families. They use natural, local, and sustainable materials while implementing energy efficiency standards in construction. VHF has supported new HFH builds in the Wills Way Community in the City of Gunnison. VHF has also funded solar panels, some of which are now powering the construction electricity needs for neighboring HFH builds! 

In 2022, VHF took a much larger step to support the HFHGV building fund into the future. VHF granted $200,000 and loaned an additional $100,000 to the organization, which will allow them to continue building one house each year and roll the funds from each sale into the construction of the next home. VHF is proud to support HFHGV’s plans for the future through sustainable funding.

GV Heat | Valleywide Project Support

In 2021, the Valley Housing Fund awarded the Gunnison Valley Home Energy Advancement Team (GV-HEAT) $20,000 in grant funds to support initiatives to bring energy efficiency and affordability to households where a disproportionate amount of monthly costs go to heat. GV-HEAT works to lower heating costs, improve heat retention, and reduce demand on local energy systems in low and middle-income housing throughout the Gunnison Valley.