Valley Housing Fund

Valley Housing Fund

Creating affordable housing solutions for a resilient Gunnison Valley


The Valley Housing Fund works collaboratively to create and support affordable and accessible housing opportunities to strengthen the Gunnison Valley community.

Our Story

The Valley Housing Fund (VHF) was formed in 2010 with the vision, direction and financial contribution of Butch and Judy Clark and a volunteer board of directors. Previously known as the Gunnison Valley Housing Foundation, VHF is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that addresses affordable housing, and has invested over $3 million in affordable housing projects across the Gunnison Valley. Through development of affordable community projects, support of our partner’s projects and as a convener for valley-wide housing issues, VHF is working to ensure our communities remain vibrant and inclusive.

Affordable units constructed with the support of VHF
People housed and impacted
Invested to increase access to affordable housing


Since 2010, VHF has directly and indirectly created affordable housing by working with local government, educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, and the private sector. This has primarily been accomplished through financial support of costs related to site planning, master planning, infrastructure, construction, and management of affordable properties. VHF also acquires land to develop its own affordable housing projects. 

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