We want community housing to SUCCEED!

Whether it’s our project or yours, it is in the best interest of this community for VHF to assist with affordable development at both ends of the valley. We have identified creating new affordable housing as VHF’s primary goal through 2025, and have allocated $200,000 per year to our Partner Support Program.

Regardless of the project, all community housing developments face financial headwinds. VHF has a strong history of providing financial support to a variety of local housing developments, and will continue to do so through our Partner Support Program.

How does the Partner Support Program help?

  • Infusing private dollars into affordable housing allows projects to happen faster and better, creating well-rounded developments with a community perspective in mind. Improvements can be made such as adding amenities like washer/dryers or gathering spaces, improving architectural character to better fit into the existing neighborhood, adding additional ADA or aging-in-place modifications, or upgrading energy efficiency throughout each property.

  • Private funding allows for responsiveness to local needs by relaxing some of the “strings” that are typically attached to federal and state funding sources, such as strict income requirements.

  • Securing local, private financial support can unlock additional dollars that would otherwise be unavailable without local matching funds.

  • Large scale government funding is scarce and highly competitive, and is often reserved for major developments that aren’t always appropriate for the current market or community character.

  • Every affordable housing project requires a complex funding structure, and having various players come to the table makes affordable housing development possible.

Interested in Applying?

Please read the application guidelines below.

What our partners are saying.

“Because of a generous grant from the Valley Fund, HFHGV can finance the construction of one home every year without seeking construction loans that add interest payments to the overall cost of the project. We are grateful for this support!”

Julie Robinson, Habitat for Humanity

“It’s an extraordinarily positive thing to have a dedicated non-profit that understands the unique challenges of housing in our valley, and brings the expertise, advocacy and funding to make community housing solutions possible.”

Willa Williford, Williford, LLC