Project Description

Lazy K

West Tomichi Avenue (1300 Block), City of Gunnison

When completed, Lazy K will be a 4+ acre neighborhood that includes homes, trails, ponds, parks, and a playground. The VHF helped the City of Gunnison interview potential developers, and with consultants, assisted in steering the project. VHF contributed $338,000 to this public-private partnership, allowing the City to leverage an additional $1.2 million grant from the CO Dept of Local Affairs. Five affordable cabins have already been purchased through a housing lottery, and over the next several years, a total of 44 income-restricted homes will be built, along with 21 free-market homes. 

  • 44 income-restricted ownership cabins and duplexes, and 21 free market
  • Phase 1 is income-restricted to 80% AMI and below
  • Live close to the community you serve 
  • Increase the quality of life by including neighborhood amenities like recreation and green space
Units Built
Phase 1 is income-restricted to 80% AMI and below
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