Project Description

Paradise Park Duplexes

Lot 76 & 79, Crested Butte

The Valley Housing Fund participated in the Town of Crested Butte’s Paradise Park affordable housing builds. The VHF supported the Town in the early stages of each project by participating in the developer selection process and granting funds to hire a third-party consultant to help oversee the project and stay within budget. The VHF also granted the Gunnison Watershed School District $30,000 to help purchase a duplex to rent to its employees. 

  • 30 ownership duplexes, triplexes, and single family homes
  • Affordable, deed restricted homes available to various AMI levels
  • Live close to the community you serve
  • Decrease environmental impact by shortening commute times
  • Increase the quality of life by shortening commute times
  • Opportunity to add up to 18 additional homes in the future
Units Built
Various AMI up to 60%
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