Whetstone | Town of Crested Butte

The Whetstone Community Housing Project is located 3 miles south of the Town of Crested Butte, and will bring over 200 new townhomes, single family homes, apartments and duplexes to the area. With a goal of 100% affordability, the Whetstone Project is poised to significantly improve housing availability. The project is intended to be a diverse mix of community housing and a vibrant neighborhood with access to parks, public lands and public transportation. The County has approved the “sketch plan” and is moving toward the “preliminary plan” phase with Servitas Development. If approved, construction is likely to begin in 2024. VHF has been an active participant throughout the public process for this project, including publically supporting the extension of utilities from the Town of Crested Butte and providing feedback on the developer selection process. The Whetstone Community Housing website will provide timely updates on the project as it progresses.