Paul Redden Workforce Housing Project

June 10, 2022

In 2020, the Valley Housing Fund purchased three lots in the CB mobile home district from Paul Redden’s estate with the intention of placing new homes for the working backbone of the CB community. Pauley was a longtime local and well-known “working man” of Crested Butte who passed away in 2019.

VHF initially planned to place five individual 1-bedroom homes across the three lots, but following further analysis and public feedback is moving forward with three new manufactured homes on the property, one 2 bed/2 bath and two 3 bed/2 bath.

This project is currently in the Board of Zoning and Architectural Review process, and VHF hopes to gain the necessary approvals to move into the permitting phase next.

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Interior of new home

Interior view of new home

Existing structures to be replaced

Who will live in the new homes? 

All three homes will initially be offered as long-term rentals to community workers and families who earn 80% of their income within Gunnison County and are full-time residents. The qualifying process will be finalized this summer, but will likely include a lottery system to ensure fairness in the process. In the future, the homes may be sold with deed restrictions in place to qualified workers to generate funds for additional workforce housing in other locations.

What is the estimated project timeline?

  • July – August 2022: Site Prep. This includes clearing the existing structures, basic site grading, installation of semi-permanent foundations, and utility work.
  • September – October 2022: Home delivery and installation. All three homes are constructed off-site and are scheduled for delivery once the site preparation is completed. Once they are delivered and placed, on-site completion work includes interior drywall finishes, utility connections, entrance/exit steps installation,  and insulated skirting attachment.
  • November 2022: Occupancy. Once the installation is complete and the Certificate of Occupancy is granted by the Town of CB, these three homes will be available for move-in. 

What is the estimated project cost?

VHF has already contributed $500,000 for the purchase of all three lots, and all VHF staff time has already been covered to move the project through the BOZAR and Town permitting process. 100% of funds raised will go toward the actual project.

  • Already contributed by VHF: $500,000
  • Estimated waiver of fees from Town of CB for affordable housing: $60,200
  • Price of each manufactured home: $168,000 (total $504,000)
  • Estimated price per lot for site preparation, excavation, foundation installation, utilities, and construction labor: $160,000 (total $480,000)
  • Fundraising goal: $984,000 ($328,000 per home, or $123,000 per bedroom)

Why is VHF removing existing housing to make way for new housing?

There are currently two existing trailers and one garage spanning across the current lot lines which will be removed. The two existing trailers are in disrepair, with one trailer constructed prior to the existence of quality and safety regulations for mobile homes created by the Dept. of Housing and Urban Development. Additionally, the energy costs associated with heating each trailer is exorbitant due to poor craftsmanship for this climate and lack of insulation. The goal is to provide quality homes for a reasonable cost that will last well into the future. For the past two years, VHF has rented the existing trailers and garage on a temporary basis to help provide housing while moving the long-term plan through the Town’s process, but they were never intended to be a long term solution for affordable housing.

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