Gunnison Valley housing reports and data

The housing reports below have been prepared to quantify housing barriers and propose potential strategies to address housing needs across three market areas: North Valley, Mid-Valley, and South Valley. By providing housing that is affordable and located close to jobs, the Gunnison Valley can support economic prosperity, employee well-being, diversity in the workforce, environmental sustainability, and community character.

Scroll through the frame above for an interactive report.

The additional studies below provide in-depth data sets and analysis. The purpose of these reports is to:

  • catalyze a data-driven regional plan for housing
  • identify production targets for affordable homes for renters and buyers at a range of income levels
  • modify existing strategies and create new ways to produce housing that is attainable for working families
  • bring data to discussions to educate elected officials, employers, builders, and the public
  • assist in obtaining financing from private, state and federal sources for local and regional housing efforts