Strategic Plan

The Valley Housing Fund works cooperatively to develop, retain, and improve affordable, accessible, and energy efficient homes to contribute to sustainable and resilient communities within the Gunnison Valley. We achieve results through the three focus areas below.


We support local governments and agencies with an active grant program designed to promote affordable and attainable housing. Funding from our grant program enables organizations to close the gap in funding for proposed projects while demonstrating local support to assist in leveraging funds from other sources.


VHF partners with private sector developers, agencies, and local government to bolster the inventory of affordable and attainable housing in the Gunnison Valley. This is achieved by providing low-interest loans with favorable terms intended to encourage the development of more attainable housing projects.


Our land banking program allows VHF to acquire lots and vacant land with the intention of developing future affordable and attainable housing to serve our growing community. VHF will work with partners from the public and private sector to create affordable housing on the site, which may be integrated with free market housing to help cover construction costs of affordable homes.