Strategic Plan

The Valley Housing Fund works collaboratively to create and support affordable and accessible housing opportunities to strengthen the Gunnison Valley community. We achieve results through the three strategic goals below.

Catalyze New Housing

by directly and indirectly supporting the creation of affordable and energy efficient homes. 

By 2026, VHF will

  • Deliver 100 new affordable homes directly and with partners.
  • Identify and purchase 10-15 acres of land for affordable housing.
  • Provide $1 million in granted funds and $500,000 in low interest loans to support new construction of 100 affordable homes built by other entities (to be leveraged for matching funds).


by investing in programs to keep existing homes attainable for low and middle income residents. 

Annually, VHF will

  • Contribute $50,000 to programs to assist with maintaining inventory for existing low and middle income housing.
  • Contribute $20,000 to support energy efficiency programs to save on heating and electricity costs for low income residents.


among stakeholders, residents, and the public and private sector to strengthen housing. 

On an ongoing basis, VHF will:

  • Encourage collaboration between public and private entities involved in housing.
  • Communicate information on housing to various audiences in convenient and useful ways.
  • Provide updates on housing progress, challenges, and ways to help with the housing crisis.