Partnerships are essential to affordable housing! One of the Valley Housing Fund’s local partners is the Gunnison Valley Regional Housing Authority (GVRHA), who recently welcomed a new Director, Melissa LeMonica. After a career in the corporate world that included organizational leadership, finance, real estate brokerage, and property management, Melissa is putting her skills to work here in the Gunnison Valley, where she has lived since 2020. 

The Valley Housing Fund (VHF) works closely with GVRHA and local governments on regional leadership, long-term visioning and strategy, and setting and assessing housing goals. However, the two organizations are entirely independent, with separate boards, goals, and funding sources. VHF primarily raises money to help facilitate new projects and build new homes, and GVRHA focuses on ensuring affordable homes are taken care of and occupied by qualified individuals and families. 

The Valley Housing Fund is a 501c3 nonprofit formed in 2010 by a group of local residents concerned about long-term housing affordability. VHF raises money to help build local community housing developments, and facilitates connections to aid in affordable housing development. Like many nonprofits in the valley, we are primarily funded through private donations and grant support. VHF has supported many of the community housing projects you see today, from Gunnison to Mt. Crested Butte. While our current focus is on raising money for new homes, VHF has previously helped fund housing preservation efforts and energy efficiency programs. 

The Gunnison Valley Regional Housing Authority is a quasi-governmental organization formed in 2012 by the local governments (Mt. CB, CB, Gunnison, and Gunnison County). GVRHA serves as a property manager for affordable rentals, while also qualifying individuals to purchase affordable housing and monitoring deed restrictions. The organization is largely funded by local governments, and also receives rental income and grant funding. GVRHA also runs weatherization and energy efficiency upgrade programs for low income homes.