Design workshop
Words commonly used during the concept planning
Walking the Wilson site

The Valley Housing Fund was awarded a Technical Assistance grant in Fall 2023 to begin planning its next affordable housing development in Gunnison. This competitive grant was awarded by the Colorado Housing and Finance Authority (CHFA) and will provide 100 hours of consultant expertise to create concept plans, preliminary financial modeling, and a general framework for moving the project forward.

Recently, the Valley Housing Fund invited neighbors, local housing officials, and private sector builders to walk the 3.5-acre site to envision the types of homes and layouts that will best balance community needs with affordability. VHF’s goal is to create a desirable neighborhood for our local workforce and valley residents to call home.

Attendees at the workshop defined what success would like for the project, as summarized below:

  • a safe and vibrant neighborhood that fosters strong community connections and feels like part of Gunnison
  • sustainable design with opportunities for solar, geothermal, and electric utilities
  • a desirable neighborhood where everyone from small children to elders feel welcome
  • diverse, multi-generational occupants in housing that is accessible to people across various stages of life and a variety of income levels
  • various price points across the site
  • an example for other parcels to redevelop with similar land use patterns on the north edge of Gunnison
  • a mix of rental and ownership opportunities
  • long-term maintenance plan for homes and common areas
  • amenities such as a pocket park or gathering area, resident storage, walking and biking connections, community garden, etc.

The site was purchased in 2022 by the Valley Housing Fund and is just north of the city limits of Gunnison. The property runs along Highway 135, which is the main transportation corridor connecting Gunnison and Crested Butte. Residents can walk or bike to downtown Gunnison, the hospital, grocery store, and WSU campus. It is close to the RTA bus stop, so residents can easily catch a ride between the North and South ends of the valley.