The snowplow cleared a path through a winter’s worth of snow. The humans gathered to shake hands and excitedly catch up. The press arrived. Speeches ensued and a huge prize check was presented. The March 5th groundbreaking for Mineral Point marked the beginning of the valley’s newest development for the local workers of Crested Butte!

Representatives from TWG Development, the Valley Housing Fund, the Town of Crested Butte, and various community members celebrated the incredible amount of work that already went into putting this project together, before a structure is even built. Rather than golden shovels, the team kicked off the project with snow shovels, in true CB style.

Speeches were made about the commitment and love of our community that made this project come to life, and there was a palpable buzz of excitement among the group, both due to envisioning the locals who will eventually call this place home, and also due to slight shivering from the cold temperatures.

The Valley Housing Fund presented a $100,000 check from its Partner Support program, stating its support and excitement for this project. Executive Director Lauren Koelliker recognized the enormous contributions of the Town of CB– “from long term planning efforts to set the stage for this development, to prioritizing hiring staff with the skills to put this together”. Participants then adjourned to the Secret Stash to celebrate over pizza and beer.

While no development will single-handedly solve the housing crisis for every person in need, Mineral Point provides housing community members earning 30-60% of the area’s median income. This is a low income housing tax credit project (LIHTC) project, which relies primarily on federal tax credits to fund the development. The Town of CB also invested significant dollars in remediation work for the site, horizontal infrastructure, and planning costs. Working in partnership with private developers, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations has proven an effective model in our valley, and VHF is proud to contribute to our local partners for this project!